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ThoughtFull is a user-friendly web platform that gives you the power to quickly understand hot-button questions by seeing the logic of both sides. Moreover, they will empower you to see where you stand on these questions by voting on each side's claims and comparing your stance with other people. Ultimately, they company aspire to become a crowdsourced community that offers multi-sided perspective on the questions you care about in politics, sports, technology, entertainment, and beyond.

ThoughtFull hired ObjectZen Solutions to work together to iterate through multiple versions of solutions based on user feedbacks in the hopes of creating a product ready for investment from venture capitalists.

Website: seethoughtfull.com

Core Insight Systems

Core Insight Systems is an Industrial IoT (Internet-of-Things) startup whose goal is to improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities by providing actionable business intelligence from data collected from sensors deployed on the manufacturing floor.

Core Insight Systems hired ObjectZen Solutions to create a full front to back solution involving creation of dashboards, business intelligence reports as well as the backend infrastructure to capture and process data from a vast array of IoT devices.

Website: www.coreinsightsystems.com

iMassage & Spa

iMassage & Spa believes everyone should indulge in a high quality massage at an affordable price.

ObjectZen Solutions was hired to create a website that can enable online
appointment booking, email lists and other internet marketing features to improve overall customer acquisitions.

Website: imassagespa33.com

Past Projects